October 2 Educational Forum on water quality (video posted)

The Miami Group hosted an update on the Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) on October 2.

Panelists presented key challenges and solutions for eliminating sewer overflows and minimizing local flooding. Challenges range from the dual management system for sewers and multiple entities responsible for stormwater, to big storms fueled by climate change, underutilized solutions, basement backups, sewer rates and energy usage. How should we fix it all?

Marilyn Wall
Marilyn Wall


  • Marilyn Wall, Miami Group volunteer and one of Cincinnati Enquirer’s Women of the Year for 2023.
  • Larry Falkin, former director of the City of Cincinnati’s Office of Environment and Sustainability and former leader of sustainability.

What’s at stake?

  1. Will the plan protect us from extreme storms fueled by climate change?
    Larry Falkin
    Larry Falkin
  2. Will we continue to experience the delay and high costs caused by city-county dysfunction?
  3. Can we integrate equity issues into the funding so landowners have a financial incentive to manage stormwater where it falls?
  4. Are there cost-effective green solutions to water retention that are not in the plan?

Join us for our next Educational Forum November 2.

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