Opposing Duke’s Pipeline Extension

Neighbors Opposed to Pipeline Extension (NOPE) is asking for your support now- to stand together with us against the unnecessary and potentially dangerous high pressure natural gas pipeline proposed to go through highly populated areas in Hamilton County.


Open Public Hearing w/ Ohio Power Siting Board
Thursday, March 21st  3:00 – 8:00PM
UC Blue Ash, 119 Muntz Hall
9555 Plainfield Rd

This is a precedent setting proposal as Duke has plans to run many more of these pipelines in our towns. Both the Green and Orange line routes are still “in play”. Attend, speak out, write those in charge and donate to NOPE to help stop this in its tracks. Make your voice heard.

April 9: The Ohio Power Siting Board will hold an adjudicatory hearing in Columbus where NOPE and other parties will make their case against the pipeline. The hearing is open to the public, but only formal intervenors represented by legal counsel may testify. We encourage residents to attend, and will have more details to share soon. The board will make a decision several weeks after the hearing.

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