Outings Webinars to Continue in 2021

It seems like only yesterday that the Miami Group Outings Committee began our virtual backpacking webinar series. But in fact we recently completely our 20th, and last, webinar for 2020! Many thanks to our volunteers who made that possible, and our partners at Roads Rivers and Trails in Milford. But there’s more! Because of the great response we’ve seen, the Outings Committee will continue the series into 2021. We’ll have additional backpacking topics, and also expand into new areas of outdoor adventure like Bicycle Touring and Canoe Camping. Keep an eye on the Outings Meetup page and the Miami Group Calendar for more information.

The tentative schedule for early 2021:

January 7 – Why Walk When You Can Ride?

January 21 –Not Merely a Trail

February 4 – Trip and Route planning with On-Line Tools

February 18 – Reacting in an Emergency

March (date TBD) – Canoe Camping

We hope you can join us for the 2021 Virtual Outings Webinar Series!


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