Paddlers enjoy a great summer outing

On a beautiful Saturday, August 10, outings participants paddled from Milford to Armleder Park on the Little Miami River. They caught a sunny day with a high of 85 degrees with a little extra water to make the drops a little less shallow.

On this stretch of river there are fewer rental boats than on parts of the river upstream. There were a couple of groups, but for the most part they had the river to themselves.

The group saw numerous turtles, kingfishers, two pileated woodpeckers, two bald eagles, two osprey, multiple great blue heron and various hawks. They also encountered evidence of beaver activity.

The outing started at about 10:30 AM and they were off the river at about 4 PM after lunching in the shade on one of the many large gravel bars. All in all a fun and incident-free event. Hope you can join us next time!

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