Despite opposition, Park Board approves additional funds for dog park in Burnett Woods

The Park Board at their meeting on Thurs., Jan. 19 unanimously approved increased funding for their planned dog park in Burnet Woods. It was originally funded at $150,000, with hopes of community support, despite a large number of people and organizations in the area who have been strongly opposed to this added hardscape.

The Miami Group Sierra Club, the Corryville Community Council, Clifton Heights/University Heights/Fairview (CUF), Preserve Burnet Woods, Burnet Woods Park Advisory Council, UC Students for Burnet Woods and others have all come out against the plan.

An Audubon designated Important Birding Area or IBA, this is a development that is truly harmful to the park’s ecosystem. They plan to locate it in “Pleasant Valley” in the NE section of the park.

Two of the Commissioners, Molly North and Jim Goetz live in Clifton.

Burnett Woods
Burnett Woods

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