Political Endorsements and Descriptions 2020

Both the Miami Group Executive Committee and the Ohio Chapter Executive Committee have approved these endorsements. In addition, the Federal candidates were reviewed and approved by the Sierra Club National Office. The Miami Group Political Committee did the research and initial recommendations.  That research included the use of candidate questionnaires, candidate interviews, examination of voting records and leadership, and conversations with local environmental leaders.  The Miami Group Political Committee members are Gail Lewin,  Marie Kocohis, Debbie Clark, Lynn Frock, Rich Jordan, Gayle Ficken-Clarke, Michael Kintner, Brian Williams, Patricia Brechlin, and Marci Mark-Taylor.  Marilyn Wall contributed background information.    

Get Involved for Positive Change

The candidates we have described will make a positive difference in our region if elected.  However, they need our help to be successful in November.  Please learn more about the candidates by checking their websites.  Choose a campaign or two you would like to help and give them a call.  Even an hour or two can make a difference.  As you work for the campaigns let them know you are a Sierra Club member who has Cincinnati’s environmental well-being in mind.  Let’s work together to improve the environment in all the Ohio Counties geographically covered by the Miami Group Sierra Club.

Joe Biden – Kamala Harris, (D), US President and Vice President

View the Sierra Club press release on this endorsement here.

And here.

Kate Schroder, (D), US House of Representatives, Ohio District 1, Hamilton and Warren Counties

First-time candidate. Prioritizes renewable energy, improved water infrastructure, reduced use of fossil fuels, development of alternative transportation systems, and tightening and enforcing clean air standards. Graduate degree, Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania.

Desiree Tims, (D), US House of Representatives District 10, Montgomery, Greene and Highland Counties

Experience on staff of Sherod Brown and Kirsten Gillibrand, League of Conservation Voters. Prioritizes clean water and green energy. Graduate of Georgetown University School of Law.

Kathy Wyenandt, (D), Ohio Senate District 4, Butler County

Ran for Ohio House in 2018, Board member of SORTA. Endorsed by EMILY’s List; Moms Demand Action-Gun Sense Candidate; Laborer’s Local 534; Ohio Teachers; Sherrod Brown, Aftab Pureval; and Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley. Prioritizes mass transit and water quality (especially fracking regulations). Wants to repeal HB6 and start over with emphasis on green energy and jobs. Graduate of Miami University.

Mark Fogel, (D), Ohio Senate District 6, Montgomery County

First-time candidate for office. Prioritizes clean, renewable energy, water quality, and a healthy climate. Graduate of U.S. Air Force Academy and the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard.

Sara Bitter, (D), Ohio House of Representatives, District 27, Hamilton County 

2018 candidate for Ohio Senate District 7, Assistant to Special Council in Clinton White House. Prioritizes healthcare, especially children with special needs; education; links healthcare with environment. Endorsed by Emily’s List. J.D. from Case Western Reserve University.

Jessica Miranda, (D), Ohio House of Representatives, District 28, Hamilton County, Incumbent

Experience as representative elected in 2016, previous experience, Forest Park School Board and Forest Park Chamber of Commerce. Prioritizes environmental issues, clean air and water for regulation of fracking, against HB6, and for public transit options.

Morgan Showen, (D), Ohio House of Representatives, District 54, Butler and Warren County

First-time candidate, youth organizer for Aftab Pureval, and campaign of Joe Schiavoni. Prioritizes closing legal loopholes on fracking, developing green energy jobs, repealing HB6. Currently a student at University of Michigan.

Erin Rosiello, (D), Ohio House of Representative, District 62, Warren County

Ran for Hamilton Township Trustee in 2019 and worked for Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation. Prioritizes water quality and clean power. Wants to balance environmental preservation and economic growth. Graduate of Muskingum College

Alan Darnowsky , (D), Ohio House of Representatives, District 65, Clermont County

First-time candidate for public office. Prioritized water quality and mass transit. Graduate of Yale University

Kim McCarthy , (D), Ohio House of Representatives, District 73, Greene County

Experience as organizer for March in Monsanto (2012-2017) and founder of Greene County Progressives. Prioritizes universal healthcare, public education and renewable energy. Endorsed by Sherrod Brown, NARAL, OUR Revolution and Ohio Civil Service Employees Association.

Cynthia Richards, (D), Ohio House of Representatives, District 79, Clark County

First experience running for public office. Prioritizes clean water, renewable energy, and shutting down questionable local mining practices. Endorsed by Planned Parenthood, UAW Community Action Program, and Matriots. Professor of English at Wittenberg University.

Ted Jones , (D), Ohio House of Representatives, District 80, Miami and Darke County

Running for Ohio House for second time. Supports renewable energy, green jobs, and protecting biodiversity in Ohio’s forests.

Judy Dodge, (D), Montgomery County Commissioner, Incumbent 

Served since 2016 in current position. Prioritizes clean water, best practices for solid waste programs, and programs to reduce food insecurity. Instrumental in founding Dayton Regional Green Taskforce.

Debbie Lieberman, (D), Montgomery County Commissioner, Incumbent

Commissioner since 2004. Prioritizes clean water, specifically PFAS and green energy. Part of formation of Dayton Regional Green. Graduate of University of Dayton School of Law.

  • General election voter registration deadline: Oct. 5, 2020
  • Early voting begins: Oct. 6, 2020
  • General election: Nov. 3, 2020

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