Renewable Energy for Blue Ash, OH – Help make it happen

Save money and the environment with Community Choice Energy Aggregation in Blue Ash

Save the Planet: Floods, droughts and fires are in the news every day. To meet this current climate challenge, we need to transform our energy systems. With aggregation, we can save money while changing to renewable energy sources. Aggregation is a tool that many communities have used to purchase clean power at competitive prices. Let’s get aggregation on the ballot in May 2022!

Save Money: With aggregation, consumers join together to buy a product – in this case, electricity. Think bulk buying at COSTCO, only for energy.

An Elite Group: Ohio is one of six states, with California, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Rhode Island who have authorized aggregation. All states with aggregation are in restructured electricity markets, meaning when energy input prices rise, those increases are quickly reflected in higher electricity prices. Aggregation buffers rising costs with negotiated contracts and bulk buying.

Energy Aggregation Can:

  • Reduce energy costs for homes – Local governments use their buying power to purchase cheaper electricity on behalf of their constituents through aggregation. You will never, EVER pay more for energy with aggregation. It is a win/win proposition.
  • Provide power from local sources – This can be required as part of the request for quote so that local jobs are sustained.
  • Purchase energy from renewable sources – Once aggregation is in place, consumers can choose renewable energy sources.
  • Allow consumers to “opt out” at any time. There is no obligation. Ever.

Energy Aggregation WORKS in Ohio:

  • In 2016, participants in the City of Cincinnati’s aggregation program saved $1.5 million.
  • The NOPEC saved $300 million from 2001 to 2017.
  • Over the last 6 years, 345 Ohio communities saved more than $15 billion with aggregation.

Aggregation in Hamilton Co.: Many communities offer aggregation, including:


Colerain Township

Delhi Township


Golf Manor

Green Township

Miami Township

Mt. Healthy



Indian Hill




City of Cincinnati Aggregation Story

  • In 2011, voters approved a ballot that allowed the City of Cincinnati to negotiate on behalf of its citizens and small businesses for a favorable price from electricity and natural gas suppliers.
  • In 2016, Cincinnati residents saved $1.5 million on electricity and $2 million in natural gas costs when compared to Duke Energy through the Cincinnati Aggregation Programs.
  • In 2017, Cincinnati added a green natural gas option in the Aggregation Program. Customers must “opt in” to this program – an extra step that consumers must be aware of and take in order to save money.
  • Cincinnati is the first aggregation program in the nation to offer 100% carbon free energy for both natural gas and electricity. All electric aggregation program participants receive 100 percent green energy. It is the largest carbon reduction program in the City that saves approximately 250,000 tons of CO2 annually.

Blue Ash Aggregation Future

  • Collect signatures of 20% of registered voters (approx. 2,800) to ensure aggregation is included on May 2022 ballot – September and October

How to volunteer

  • We need volunteers to gather signatures in the Blue Ash community. We cannot bring renewable energy to Blue Ash unless we get aggregation on the ballot! Even if you are only available for an afternoon or two, we would appreciate your help. Contact Lauren Enda at 513.888.7505 or [email protected]. Training and support will be provided throughout the process.
  • Once energy aggregation is on the ballot, we will then need people to support the campaign to get a “YES” vote from the constituents. Watch this space!

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