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The Sierra Club Miami Group has an Executive Committee (ExCom) of nine volunteers members which provide leadership and direction to the Miami Group. ExCom members are active on various committees, which are also open to all Sierra Club members. ExCom members for our Group serve 2 year terms (4 elected one year and 5 the next). The ExCom meets monthly and meetings are open to all Sierra Club members.

The nominated Sierra Club Members to participate on Excom (2019-2020) are Muslim Contractor, Gail Lewin, Enid Nagel, and Bob Park. Please view their statements below:

Muslim Contractor I have been a member of the Sierra Club for a decade. I have previously served on the Managing Committee of the Himalayan Club, an organization that promotes mountaineering in the Himalaya. I was the Hon. Assistant Editor of The Himalayan Journal for 5 years.

I have served on the Ex Com of the Sierra Club during 2016-2018. In this period, I participated in the Memorial Grove Committee which organized the planting of indigenous trees in French Park, Cincinnati in memory of deceased Sierra Club members. I was also a member of the Nominations Committee which identified potential candidates for the Ex Com elections in 2017 and helped them through the process. I have completed First Aid training organized by the Sierra Club with a view to being an Outings leader.

Gail Lewin  As a current member of ExCom, I take my role seriously as I vote to ensure we are spending our funds in a reasonable manner for the important environmental issues we are supporting and I serve as a cosigner for our bank accounts with our Treasurer and Group Chair . I also serve as the Political Committee’s liaison to ExCom. I present candidates to the ExCom for recommended endorsement. These candidates have been interviewed by the Miami Group Political Committee after responding to detailed questionnaires.  I help answer any questions ExCom has regarding the candidates written and verbal positions. If re-elected I would like to continue in those roles which I consider important to the smooth functioning of our ExCom.

In addition to ExCom, I have served as Chair of the Miami Group Political Committee for the 2018 election. My Committee members have endorsed 11 local candidates running for State and Congressional offices. I am proud of the fact that this year we became politically active in the Dayton metropolitan area and recruited volunteers who got involved in the endorsement process. As a result of that effort, were able to endorse 4 candidates in the Dayton  area. Our Committee members created a flyer with our endorsed candidates that went out to every Miami Group member. We also phone banked and canvased for endorsed candidates. We also were able to secure state and national PAC for many of our endorsed candidates.  The accomplishments of the Political Committee this year was amazing. Getting our endorsed candidates elected enables the facilitation of environmentally friendly legislation at all governmental levels. This is vital in the current political atmosphere of climate change denial.

Enid Nagel I have been a member of Miami Group for many years and have participated in various ways. I am committed to the Miami Group and the Sierra Club. Our work together is extremely important in these troubled times. Most recently I participated in a national committee that worked on the issue of paying staff at a minimum a living wage of $15 per hour. I was Chapter Chair for 6 years and Chapter Treasurer for 7 years. I was also Miami Group chair previously.

This year I joined the energy committee of the Miami Group and am especially interested in helping the many communities in Hamilton County move towards clean energy. Issues that I will promote include more mass transit, improving the storm and waste water system, and banning plastic bags.

I also would like to engage our members more as active volunteers. The strength of our group depends on recruiting new members and providing them ways to become actively involved.

Bob Park  In these times of upheaval and dysfunction in public communication and with the deterioration of basic democratic processes (which never were that great), we need new strategic planning and action in the Sierra Club, both locally and nationally. The Democratic Party’s embracing the neoliberal consensus has delivered our country into the hands of America Firsters, climate deniers, corporate tycoons and proto-fascists. Our involvement in local issues like 1) stopping and modifying the Eastern Corridor freeway project;  2) promoting mass transit;  3) demanding a make-over of the greater Cincinnati storm/waste water system (MSD), restoring clean water to an integral part of our urban environment, 4) banning plastics, gives us opportunities for direct conversation with the people, uncontaminated by filters and viral rants. We need to formulate clear, concise demands and then implement them with popular support. Almost none of our goals are achievable without getting massive funding from the corporate elites that run Cincinnati and the country. “Tax the rich” should be our leading mantra, should become a household word. We need to plan public events with allied organizations which interested citizens can easily join. This is our challenge for the future.

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