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The Sierra Club Miami Group has an Executive Committee (ExCom) of nine volunteer members which provide leadership and direction to the Miami Group. ExCom members are active on various committees, which are also open to all Sierra Club members. ExCom members for our Group serve 2 year terms (5 elected one year and 4 the next). The ExCom meets monthly and meetings are open to all Sierra Club members.

The elected Sierra Club Members to participate on Excom (2020-2021) are Kaniz Siddiqui, Brian Kwiatkowski, Marilyn Wall, Barry Randall, and Brian Williams. Please view their statements below:

Kaniz F. Siddiqui: I am currently Vice Chair of the Executive Committee of the Miami Group. I ask for your vote to continue to serve on the Executive Committee.

As a Sierra Club member, I am working on the Metropolitan Sewer District’s long-term control plan to reduce combined sewer overflow. I am the Co-chair of the Energy Committee of the Miami Group, which is participating in local and statewide energy issues, for example House Bill 6. I also serve on the Conservation Committee and the Fundraising Committee.

I am an elected member of the Board of Supervisors for the Hamilton County Soil and Water Conservation District, was the Treasurer in 2018 and am currently the Deputy Chair of the Board.

As a PhD chemist, I worked for 35 years on multifaceted environmental issues as a teacher, a researcher, an administrator and an environmental activist. I retired from City of Cincinnati as an Environmental Coordinator.

In the past, I served in the board of Mill Creek Council of Communities (presently Mill Creek alliance of Communities) to restore an urban watershed into a healthy ecosystem. She was a Commissioner with Hamilton County’s Environmental Action Commission.

I am very concerned about climate change. I will work to improve water quality and to increase renewable energy capacity. Thank you for your vote.

Brian Kwiatkowski: Hello, I’m Brian Kwiatkowski, and I’m running for my third term as a member of the Sierra Club – Miami Chapter Executive Committee. Preservation and restoration of local ecosystems is not only my passion, but it’s also my profession.

I work as a Senior Ecologist for an ecological restoration design firm, where I’m responsible for the design of river and stream restoration projects, watershed management plans, and sustainable storm water systems. Over the years, I’ve collected data on more than 400 miles of open channel throughout the US and contributed to publications and manuals for stormwater best management practices (BMP), watershed assessment, water quality improvement, and green infrastructure planning. I’ve been involved with a wide variety of restoration projects with multidisciplinary design teams, property owners, project stakeholders, and communities to tackle challenging projects, including combined sewer separation planning for the Metropolitan Sewer District.

I offer my experience and expertise to improve the decision-making process within the Sierra Club, in order to achieve positive results to some of our region’s most challenging environmental issues. Thank you for your consideration.

Marilyn Wall: I very much appreciate being on the Miami Group Executive Committee, and I ask for your vote to be able to serve again.

Over the next two years, I will work to build the Miami Group and expand on our work to clean up our rivers, green our transportation systems, fight air pollution and build our political power.

Sierra Club is a wonderful venue for being civically active and engaging in the political process to reduce the negative impacts of climate change and work for clean solutions. A just and equitable transition is essential.

Barry Randall: As a Sierra Club member for many years, I have tried to live our motto “Explore, Enjoy and Protect”. An avid hiker, backpacker, paddler and cyclist, I’ve enjoyed Sierra Club activities for many years. In 2013 I became certified as a Miami Group Outings Leader so that I could encourage others to enjoy the natural world as I have throughout my life, believing that those who experience the outdoors will come to love, respect and protect it.

In 2018, I became the Miami Group Outings Chair, inheriting a vibrant and active group of volunteers that every week introduces new people to Sierra Club and the outdoors through a variety of activities. This year, thanks to our dedicated leaders, the Outings Committee re-introduced Backpacking School and Wilderness First Aid classes to further encourage outings participants and connect with the community. More recently we have begun a partnership with the Girl Scouts of Western Ohio, lending our outdoor expertise to enable more young women to enjoy a new GSWO high adventure program and learn about Sierra Club.

If given the opportunity to serve on the Executive Committee, I will continue to promote our values and goals across the community.

Brian Williams: I’m seeking re-election to the Miami Group Executive Committee in order to increase the Sierra Club’s presence in the Dayton area. During the past two years we have interviewed and endorsed candidates for office and initiated a campaign to persuade city of Dayton officials to sign on to the Sierra Club’s Ready for 100 campaign. We took a stand against the city’s proposal to develop prairie land adjacent to the Dayton International Airport. I believe in the Sierra Club mission and value being a part of the Miami Group, which I believe to be one of the strongest local groups in the nation.

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