Mt. Airy Replacement Sewer Replacement: 52 Years and Counting

MSD Installing SewersAccording to this funding request, after 7 years, 5 months and two days, of planning and design, we finally have a funding request from MSDGC for $4,586,000 to construct the infamous Mt. Airy Replacement Sewer, a mere 12,420 feet of sewer line.

This sewer line has numerous overflows, leaks and cracks, discharging untreated sewage into a public park.  It is incredible that it has taken MSDGC so long to get to this point. 

 But as incredible as this is, the delay is far worse.  In 2008, MSDGC documents show that MSD has known that this sewer has had overflows and root problems since 1963.  Thirty years later, MSDGC again documented the need to replace the sewer line. In 1994, MSDGC hired a consultant who recommended cleaning, relining or replacement of the sewer.  In 1996 MSDGC requested funds for more investigation. Between 1998 and 2008, 30 repair projects were undertaken on this sewer line.

In 2013 Sierra Club and the Hamilton County Monitor walked much of the sewer line and Sierra Club pointed out a broken section of sewer where you could see the sewage flowing through it.  Sierra Club has also posted video of overflows on facebook: MSDGC also has many pictures of the overflowing sewer.

So, MSDGC has actually known this sewer needed to be replaced and repaired for the past 52 years!

Considering it has taken 52 years to get to this point, we’d like to know, when will MSDGC begin construction and when will construction be complete?

Please feel free to comment on the following questions:

  • Why has this taken so long?
  • Where is the accountability?

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