September Virtual Inning – September 8, 2020

Presenters: Halie and Steve

This presentation is at 7 pm and on a Tuesday this month.

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The Enchanted Isle – Adventure and Discovery – The Amazing Diversity of Puerto Rico

Halie Rebeccaschild and Steve Smith, two native Ohioans, operate Adventure Time PR.  Halie grew up in Loveland and Steve in Fairfield, Ohio. Halie manages adventure tours and Steve manages specialty operations. Their mission is to provide travelers relaxing retreats and outstanding adventures in the stunning Caribbean island of Puerto Rico. By designing private, custom tours for travelers, including trips to remote coral reefs, secluded beaches, natural tidal pools, and waterfalls.

Halie is a PADI SCUBA instructor with experience diving and teaching in Southeast Asia and the Caribbean. She’s passionate about marine conservation and coral reef ecology and will talk about the amazing biodiversity of the beauty of our coral reefs and the challenges they face from rising global temperatures, disease, and human impact as well as how we each can take small steps to save our seas.  Steve has worked throughout Africa and in Haiti on resiliency programs to reduce the impact of global warming on communities. Steve will talk about how agro-forestry – the combining of forestry and agriculture – can restore degraded land and build resiliency to the impacts of global warming.  

In addition, Halie and Steve look forward to sharing some of the amazing beauty and wonders available in Puerto Rico, from hiking trails in the national rainforest, El Yunque, to snorkeling coral reefs and a phosphorescent bio bay by kayak in the Caribbean Sea – all readily accessible from Ohio – no passports required.

Puerto Rico as a US territory has many advantages for domestic tourists. But like other tourist destinations, Puerto Rico has some significant challenges to the health of its forests and surrounding seas due to a combination of natural disasters and human impacts, such as erosion of hillsides from flash flooding, land sliding into the sea due to sea-level rise, and pollution of its seas and beaches from waste runoff during hurricanes and tropical storms. Plastic pollution due to unheeded mass consumerism also presents a significant challenge to reef health, and despite an enthusiastic environmental movement, outside investors drive to develop virgin land for multi-billion dollar resorts and privately owned, gated communities, threatening to disturb pristine ecological zones. 

Halie and Steve look forward to sharing their experiences discovering and working in Puerto Rico and answering questions about how to make the most of your visit to this very unique Caribbean territory of the United States.

Please register in advance here!

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