Silverton’s initiative to increase awareness about solar energy — February 1

Silverton is organizing open Zoom meetings, Solar Now, for anyone to spend an hour learning about solar for their home or business. Anyone is eligible to participate because the goal is to get as many people as possible to reduce their carbon footprint. Residents from any jurisdiction in the region are welcome!

The next Zoom meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. February 1. No registration is necessary. The link to the Zoom meeting is as follows:

Union electricians and solar installers from Paff Electric and PRO Lighting & Solar will give an overview of the costs and benefits to solar in our region and answer questions. Silverton has no business relationship with Paff Electric or Pro Lighting & Solar, nor does Silverton receive any financial benefit from Solar Now.

At the end of the Solar Now meeting, interested participants can send two pieces of information to either contractor: the address of the property they are considering installing solar on and a recent utility bill for that address showing 12 months of electricity usage. This allows the contractor to provide an initial estimate of how much solar capacity could be installed at the property, how much electricity solar panels would generate, and how much installation would cost. This estimate is provided at no cost and does not obligate the property owner to do anything more.

If the property owner wants a firm quote after the initial estimate is provided, the property owner needs to request it. A site visit will then take place to examine the roof and electricity service to the house or business. Again, there is no obligation to purchase solar after this refined quote.

At the end of March, all the participants who have entered into contracts with the Solar Now contractors will have their solar panels ordered. By pooling buying power, Solar Now participants will get the best price for solar panels. For more information about Solar Now, email Silverton Village Manager Tom Carroll at [email protected].

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