Stream Specialist- February 4, 2019

Feb 4, 2019 Innings: “Current Health of Streams in Hamilton County” by Adam Lehman, Stream Specialist for the Hamilton County Soil and Water District.

The condition of a stream can mean different things to different people. One can consider the condition of the stream as:
· a feature that conveys stormwater away from our developed environment,
· an erosional feature that must be managed to protect nearby infrastructure,
· a natural resource of which chemical integrity should be protected for human use, and
· a habitat for wild life

The various functions of a stream are connected with “higher-level” functions dependent upon more foundational functions. The “highest-level” stream function is biologic because the biology is dependent upon all other functions. For this reason, metrics of instream biology are the most sensitive and holistic metrics of overall stream “health”. In this presentation we will review the most current data on instream biological condition and causes of biological impairment in Hamilton County. A discussion may then follow on approaches to address these causes of impairment.

Adam Lehmann runs the Stream Conservation Program for the Hamilton County Soil and Water District. The mission of the Stream Conservation Program is to restore and preserve the ecological integrity of Hamilton County’s local water resources. Adam approaches this mission by providing three primary services within Hamilton County: 1) strategic watershed planning and implementation of watershed restoration projects; 2) public education and involved in local water resource conservation; and 3) land owner consultation regarding water resource management.

Adam received bachelor’s degrees in geography and environmental science from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio in 2006. After graduation, he worked as a research scientist for USEPA, studying watershed management and headwater stream ecology. While working for USEPA, he earned a Master’s degree in environmental science from Miami University. Adam then worked as a consultant for five years helping clients comply with Clean Water Act regulations. He started working for the District in 2016.

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