Strong coalition begins healing at the West Loveland Nature Preserve

west loveland nature preserve

On Saturday, September 10, a coalition built by a Miami Group Sierra Club member spent a total of 53 man hours working and sweating in the West Loveland Nature Preserve to remove as many invasive plants as possible, allowing the healing of this delicate ecosystem to begin.

Working together, the team of 13 volunteers and three contractors identified the invasive plants, cut them down, applied herbicide to the remaining stalks, and finally stacked them for removal by Loveland’s Public Works. At the end of the workday, we estimated that we had cut down between 900 and 1,000 invasives.

This seems like a big number, but it represents a very small drop in a very large bucket of invasive plants. More events like this will be planned in the future. Thanks to all the volunteers and the City of Loveland.

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