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Show your support for Ohio’s largest clean energy project!!

AEP, American Electric Power is on the verge of making Ohio the hub for clean energy in the Midwest and you play an important role in making it happen!

Neil Waggoner, from Sierra Club Beyond Coal is raising awareness for this deal to bring a historic deal to Ohio for wind and solar power.

The Public Utility Commission of Ohio is hearing comments on AEP’s work to bring solar and wind power to Ohio and end some demands on coal energy. This deal will be a healthy move for Ohio away from toxic carbon and sulfur dioxide emissions.

See more at the link below. A meeting is scheduled in Columbus for August 25, 2016 where the public is invited to speak for clean, renewable energy. Thank you for your support and Go Green Ohio!

https://sierra.secure.force.com/actions/National?actionId=AR0052005&id=70131000001STWPAA4&data=a8951572a6f8544f47ac2668ea9ae5deb78ce5bbf2dfd60c92de3b2f0e18c5f27b5cefb27fcc90e2460ca37aee32b414&utm_medium=email&utm_source=sierraclub&utm_campaign=beyondcoal&j=505543&[email protected]&l=418_HTML&u=20932882&mid=7219454&jb=1

Scott Bushbaum – Sierra Club – Miami Group Executive Committee

Dayton Connections Area meeting at Brixx Ice Company on July 18, 2016!

Fellow Dayton Connections followers,

The Sierra Club Miami Group “Dayton Connections” area meeting for July will be held at the Brixx Ice Company in Dayton on July 18, 2016.

The site for this meeting is new to the “Dayton Connections”. The Brixx Ice Company is located at  500 E. First St. Dayton Ohio 45402. This menu offers good food and a nice selection of brews from a local eatery with a great sports / music atmosphere.

We begin at seven o’clock p.m. and finish our talk on local environmental issues by nine. Listen for news about PUCO utility bailouts, the Layer Park lead contamination issue, and saving Garden Station from urban developers. See you there!

Scott Bushbaum Sierra Club – Miami Group – Executive Committee



“Pen and Ink to Say What You Think” Sierra Club Meeting – January 18, 2016

Look for us at the Boston Stoker in Centerville Ohio on January 18, 2016 for our third letter writing meeting and social networking event! We begin at 7:00 p.m. and we’ll meet until at least 9 p.m.

We cover a variety of talk topics and I furnish paper and envelopes for a letter writing campaign on adding more recycle containers in Dayton and ending plastic pollution in Ohio by taxing plastic bags in grocery stores to name a couple initiatives.

The address is 6071 Far Hills Avenue Washington Township OH 45459. The Washington Square Shopping Center is just South of Whipp Rd. and S.R. 48.

If you insist, I can even buy your cup of java! After all, what better to bring out the chatter and to beat the Winter Blah’s, eh?

Scott Bushbaum – Sierra Club Miami Group Executive Committee