Transportation on the Go in 2021!


Thanks to great work from the Better Bus Coalition and many allies, including Sierra Club Miami Group, we’ll be seeing improvements in mass transit in Hamilton County in 2021.

Celebrate this victory for clearer air and greater fairness and transportation options for our community! On a national front, there are proposals for increasing Amtrak routes connecting Cincinnati-Dayton-Columbus-Cleveland with three round trips daily. There is also a proposed Cincinnati-Indianapolis-Chicago route. Such alternatives to air and car travel increase economic opportunities and options. Frequent, reliable public transportation to jobs, education, and services such as health care is essential to addressing equity in our region and beyond.

Unfortunately, Ohio’s Governor has proposed cuts to transit, just when we need to rebuild systems. Join our transportation campaign to help build sustainable and equitable transit.

We generally have a first Tuesday of the month zoom call and communicate by emails as matters come up quickly. Email [email protected] to get on our email list for meetings, actions and updates.

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