Sierra Club Brew Night!

Have you ever wanted to know about the best trails at Hocking Hills or where to camp and climb at the Red River Gorge?

Join us for a night of fun and Trivia where you can meet folks who can answer these questions and more about how to get more outdoor time.

Sierra Club Brew Night will be Thursday, October 5th at the Woodburn Brewery from 7-9pm.

Woodburn Brewery, 2800 Woodburn Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45206  RSVP on meetup or facebook.

Cincy N Ky Climate Rally

We’re taking back the Square on Saturday, June 10 th from noon to 2 pm!
Make sure you register for the event to help us keep a count on how many to expect.

Get your signs ready,and be prepared for an event filled with real advocacy actions to impact local, state and national policies! You’ll hear from:





Emcee:  Sign Language: 

Please share this information with your climate advocate peeps and make sure they register at CincyNKyClimateRallyReg.

To put on the best event possible, we’ll need all the support we can get so we are launching fundraising campaign to raise $1,500 to offset costs. Please join us as a Climate Warrior with a contribution of $25 at ECO Paypal link and be a part of raising Cincinnati’s voice in the fight against climate change.

Some tips for the day: 

  1. We will have recycling bins onsite (thank you City of Cincinnati Office of Environmental Sustainability) we encourage everyone to bring reusable containers with them to cut down on waste.
  2. Parking in and around the Square could be tight so make sure to check out other locations. You can scout out available spots (and costs) here.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on June 10th!

Thanks to all our sponsors and donors ! Alice Emmons, Annette Schuster, Benchmark, Beth Stutler, Bill Stiver, Brewster Rhoads, Muddhdev Mukherjee, Carla Walker, Carol Harvey, Chandra Yungbluth, Citizens Climate Lobby, Community Shares of Greater Cincinnati, D.David Altman Co. a legal professional association, David Hulefeld, Deanna Spatz, Debbie Clark, Debbie Potochnik, Dena Morris, Diane Adkinson, ECO:Environmental Community Organization, Elizabeth Dimling, For Our Future Fund, Gerald & Monica Bonecutter, Ginnell Schiller, ICON Solar, Jennifer Wagner, Jenny Fisher, Joanne Gerson, Jocelyn Gibson, Joseph Salvato, Joseph Wiley, Judith Strong, Kentuckians for the Commonwealth, Larry Falkin, Linda Purdy, Lynn Fields, Marci Koch, Marilyn Wall, Mary Khoury, Maureen Shaw, Melissa English, Metro, Midwest Chapter of the Congress for the New Urbanism, Mt Auburn Presbyterian Church, Muslim Contractor, NOPE Neighbors Opposing Pipeline, Northern Kentucky Women’s Network, Ohio Citizen Action, Ohio Environmental Council, Peggy A Berry, Peter Seidel, Peter Simon, Rebecca Surendorff, Renee Stenger, Rhoda Brooks, Richard Kassar, Sandra Matlow, Sandy Wood, Sharmayne Townley, Shomrei Olam Jewish Environmental Advocates of Cincinnati, Sierra Club Miami Group, Socialist Alternative, Sue Magness, Terrell Copelin, think BIG strategies, William & Mary Weber, William Ball, Sustainergy Coop, Flequer Vera, Hugh Thompson, Carol Karlewicz, Greg & Susan Bechtel. Sue Demuth, Ken Wright

and thanks to all our volunteers!

Sign the Petition to Issue “War Bonds” to finance the War on Climate Change!

Please consider the Carbon Xprint process as a viable carbon mitigation strategy. The strategies of cap-and-trade, carbon tax, and REC’s attack the problem by making fossil fuels less attractive. They do not build the infrastructure that we need. Trillions of dollars are needed to finance this new infrastructure. Clean energy makes financial sense. The Carbon Xpint process allows quantitative offsetting of one’s carbon footprint by making incremental investments in certified clean energy projects. The investment unit cost matches the cost of a ton of carbon. To offset one ton of a footprint, one unit of the investment is purchased. These “ war bonds ” for the climate effort could be offered with or without government intervention. Their flexibility provides an opportunity for individuals and companies to be engaged. This method allows anyone to measure their climate responsibility and profitably contribute to building a clean and safe energy system.

Source: Petition · A Carbon Mitigation Strategy that Builds Clean Energy ·

Australian government bans dumping in the Great Barrier Reef (WWF)

In a landmark victory for the Great Barrier Reef, the Australian government passed a much-anticipated bill to ban dredge dumping in the World Heritage waters. This law closes for good a legal loophole that could have allowed 46 million cubic meters of seabed to be dug up and dumped in this fragile ecosystem.

Source: Australian government bans dumping in the Great Barrier Reef | Stories | WWF