Update – Duke Pipeline Extension

In the Duke Pipeline Extension case, the Administrative Law Judge made a ruling on Friday, Jan. 17th to give more time for the Ohio Power Siting Board (OPSB) to review the Applications for Rehearing. The time frame is unspecified and could take up to a number of months.

The Parties involved, along with NOPE, are still active during this time. Check the NOPE website often for updates, especially for property owners who might be impacted. An important point is to not sign anything before contacting a lawyer.

The municipalities, impacted by the alternate route that was chosen, that of: The City of Cincinnati, Hamilton County, City of Reading, Village of Evendale, Blue Ash and Neighbors Opposed to Pipeline Extension (NOPE) all submitted Applications for Rehearing with strong arguments against the siting of the pipeline. If you would like to read the arguments put forth in their applications, the links, along with Duke’s contra, are below:

Cincinnati/Hamilton County

City of Blue Ash


City of Reading

Village of Evendale

Duke’s contra

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