Virtual Trivia Instructions and Registration

Join us as we build community and learn more about the environment for a Virtual Environmental Trivia Event! 

This virtual trivia event will start at 7 PM on August 18th. Anyone is welcome to join and does not have to be an Ohio resident to attend. We have a limited capacity on the Zoom account being used (300) so please register in advance and we apologize if you are not able to join. This event is put on by the Miami Group (OH) Sierra Club Young Professionals Committee.

Register in advance here!

Below are some instructions about the event:

When you enter the Zoom trivia, you will be assigned to a team.  Your team will meet in a breakout room.

There are four rounds of questions, with three questions per round. After each question is read, you’ll have 3 minutes to come up with your answer. If you are ready to submit your answer before the timer is up, you can leave your breakout room early. After 3 minutes, the breakout rooms will close and return you to the main trivia. Upon your return to the main trivia, a representative from your group will submit your answer to the host in the Zoom chat. 

In each round, you’ll be wagering 1, 3, or 5 points per question. Once you use a wager, you cannot use that same wager until the next round. The way wagering works is that if you’re very confident in your answer, you might want to wager 5 points. If you’re not that confident, then you might want to wager a lower amount. You don’t lose points wagered if your answer is incorrect.

Once you turn in your answer, you cannot take it back and you cannot change it. Your submitted response should include your team name, your answer, and the number of points wagered.

There will also be four bonus questions, a half-time question, and a final question.

Please register in advance for this fun, virtual event here!

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