We need a new treasurer

Our current treasurer, Randy Johnson, will be retiring at the end of the year, so we are looking for a new treasurer.

This is a very important job that keeps the group functioning. It includes keeping track of assets coming into the group, directing payments/reimbursement from the group’s accounts, and making a monthly report to our Executive Committee about the financial status of the group.

Treasurer also communicates with the Sierra Club Foundation to make deposits and get reimbursements from the Miami Group’s account there. While this is a vital job for the group, it only requires a couple of hours a week (a little more in January for the year-end close-out). The treasurer does not have to be a member of ExCom (Randy isn’t) nor does he or she have to live in the area (a former treasurer lived in Dayton). However, the treasurer is welcome at all ExCom meetings.

If you are interested, please contact Sally Dannemiller ([email protected]), Miami group chair. Ask Randy ([email protected]) if you have specific questions about the job.

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