We raise our voices to say ‘Don’t turf our parks’

protest against Burnet Woods dog park

A very successful protest against a proposed dog park in Burnet Woods was held on the steps of Cincinnati’s City Hall on Wednesday, October 19. A determined group of people from University of Cincinnati Students for Burnet Woods, Preserve Burnet Woods, and the Miami Group of the Sierra Club made their arguments against the dog park known. The protestors came out in the chilly but beautiful fall day to chant “Green plastic is not green space”, “PFAS is not grass” and “Don’t turf our parks!” Several members of Cincinnati’s City Council were engaged in dialog by the group and subsequently offered to allow the group to speak before the council in the near future about the issue.

There are so many reasons why an artificial turf dog park is wrong for Burnet Woods, which is the forested urban oasis adjacent to UC. The leaching of PFAS and other toxic substances, otherwise known as “forever chemicals”, into this natural area would be very detrimental to the entire ecosystem. Burnet Woods is designated as an Important Birding Area by the National Audubon Society. It provides a wooded area in the midst of an urban heat island. Many varieties of mature trees fill the area. Runoff from the artificial turf, including the PFAs and the overabundance of feces, would negatively affect the water sources in the park.

Many people living in the area do not want this proposed dog park. It is opposed by the Corryville Community Council, Clifton Heights/University Heights/Fairview Neighborhood Association (CUFNA), the Burnet Woods Park Advisory Council, and the Cincinnati Wildflower Society.

If you would like more information about the efforts to fight this development, please email Em Rhodes at [email protected].

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