What happened to Cincinnati’s single-use plastic bag ban?

Stop plastic

We need you NOW as members of the Past Plastic Cincinnati Coalition (PPCC) to get our new Cincinnati City Council to amend our 2020 ordinance banning single-use plastic bags and implement it. Consumers have waited too long to get this ordinance passed in Cincinnati.

Join us on Wednesday, January 25 at 7 pm to strategize for a meeting on February 28 (details to come) with Council Member Meeka Owen’s Committee on Environment, Climate & Infrastructure. The January 25 meeting will be in the Sierra Club office on the third floor of Mt. Auburn Street Presbyterian Church. Bring friends!

We need community support to make this happen!  I will send you a link if you cannot meet in person. Working together with city council as a grassroots community, we can amend the language in our ordinance in order to work around Ohio’s State law (HB247) preempting Ohio municipalities from banning the sale and distribution of “auxiliary containers.”

Bexley, Ohio, has managed to pass its amended ordinance. So has Cuyahoga County. Cincinnati can too! We must simply amend the clause in our current ordinance calling for the $.05 fee charged to food services and restaurant services. At the same time, we will ask Meeka Owens and to get the Cincinnati Law Department to add language requesting all Cincinnati-owned establishments to prohibit the use of plastic containers and straws.

Our world is being choked by runaway plastic pollution – particularly by single-use plastic: shopping bags, plastic straws, clam shells, Styrofoam, packaging. It is littering our neighborhoods, clogging our waste streams, our stormwater systems, landfills, parks, rivers, oceans. We’re eating it for dinner! It’s in our bloodstreams! The very production of plastic by the petrochemical industry is a major contributor to climate change.

For more information contact: Jeanne Nightingale, [email protected]

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