Why are fuel prices so high? Greed

pumping gas

An over-reliance on fossil fuels — and efforts to perpetuate our use of them — is behind the big rise in gas prices, says a new fact sheet from the Sierra Club.

Washington should respond by supporting expanded use of clean energy, the Sierra Club says: “The Biden Administration must explore all potential tools available to bring relief to American families facing skyrocketing energy costs. But false solutions, like a gas tax holiday — which amounts to little more than yet another subsidy for the fossil fuel industry — are not the answer.

The oil and gas industry and the members of Congress they financially support are working hard to set traps that will lock us into fossil fuel production for decades. Instead, we need to take decisive action against fossil fuel industry greed and move quickly towards a clean energy future to ease global demand and climate challenges that are fueling these price spikes.”

You can download the fact sheet here.


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