Educational forum: Living with Landslides (video posted)

Greater Cincinnati is a top landslide hazard area in the U.S. Landslides occur in every neighborhood in our city and throughout the region. Private property owners who experience landslides cannot get financial assistance for repairs, so landslides can wipe out a homeowner’s largest lifetime investment.

Laure Quinlivan
Laure Quinlivan

On August 7, Miami Group hosted Laure Quinlavin, who wrote, produced and directed the documentary Living With Landslides, followed by a panel discussion. This two-year production was commissioned by Eric Russo, Executive Director of the Hillside Trust, a nonprofit founded 47 years ago to protect our fragile topography. With climate change, landslides will only get worse. How can we learn to live with landslides? Eric and Laure conducted a panel discussion on landslides after a viewing of the documentary.

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