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“Explore, enjoy and protect the planet”… this opening sentence of the Sierra Club mission statement exemplifies the objectives of the Outings committee. By sponsoring outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, biking, backpacking, paddle sports and service projects, we actively engage both members and non-members in exploring and enjoying the natural world. Our volunteer Outings Leaders deliver outdoor activities for all skill levels, at little or no cost to the participants, encouraging community members to appreciate the environment and support its protection.

Our current Outings Sub-chairs are: Backpacking – Barry Randall, Hiking – Denise Tingle, Paddlesports – Jay Freeman, Service – Jay Freeman, Cycling- Doug Jose

Interested in getting involved with the outings committee? Please visit our Committees Page to fill out the “Want to get involved or know more?” form.

Also join our Meetup page to be notified of our upcoming outings.

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