The Miami Group Sierra Club is taking action to lobby local and state government about environmental issues. Join our Legislative Action Committee to learn more about these efforts! View our full mission statement here. View our calendar for upcoming meetings with the Legislative Action Committee and how to get involved.

Lobby Team Resources:
Template: Legislator Meeting Agenda
Ohio Legislative Staffers
State Legislator Scheduler Form–  Lobbying form for documenting upcoming meetings with state of Ohio office holders  
State Legislator Report Back Form – After you have visited with the Ohio office holder, please share the details of your visit

Dashboard of Ohio Legislator Votes:
Ohio Senate
Ohio House of Representatives
Dashboard Key
Dashboard FAQ

Other Resources:
Cincinnati City Council
Find your state representative
Find your state senator
Lobby Team Training Presentation
How a bill becomes a law in Ohio
Ohio Chapter Statehouse Webpage


If you have any questions or concerns please contact: Rich Jordan at [email protected]

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