Brian Williams  •  Chair

A Sierra Club member since 2003, Brian is a past president of the Cincinnati Newspaper Guild and spent 20 years working in various corporate IT shops around Cincinnati. He worked on the club's now-defunct Morning Glory Bike Ride and now rides the bike trails around Dayton.

Sally Dannemiller  •  Vice Chair

With Miami Group, Sally has been active with the Conservation Committee, serving as vice chair, and with Past Plastic Cincinnati. She has also been involved with opposing natural gas pipeline expansion in Hamilton County. Additionally she is active with the Corryville Community Council and is a member of the Burnet Woods Park Advisory Council.

Marilyn Wall  •  Executive Committee Member

Activist working on Sewer Overflows, Dirty Steel, Transportation and other topics. Past Chapter Chair and past member of the Sierra Club National Board of Directors.

Gail Lewin  •  Executive Committee Member, Political Chair

I have been a Sierra Club member since 2003. I have served several terms on the Executive Committee and as the Chair of the Miami Group Sierra Club Political Committee. That Committee has endorsed numerous candidates for local, state and federal elections. It is important to let our members know which candidates support environmentally friendly policies, laws and regulations. In 2018 we were very active in the Cincinnati and Dayton geographical areas. At ExCom I have served as the ExCom liaison to the Political Committee and I have performed various functions in support of the Group's Treasurer. Having a sound financial condition helps the Group succeed in all of its sponsored activities such as Outings, Memorial Trees, workshops, the monthly Innings, our Annual retreat, and more.

Brian Kwiatkowski  •  Executive Committee Member

I'm a Senior Geomorphologist, Certified Professional Ecologist (CE), Construction Superintendent, and Project Manager, responsible for the design and construction of ecological restoration projects, watershed management plans, and sustainable storm water systems. I've collected and analyzed data on more than 400 miles of river and stream throughout the U.S., and contributed to storm water best management practice (BMP) manuals addressing open channel design, stream restoration, hydraulic structures, storm drainage facilities, water quality improvement, and green infrastructure planning. I am responsible for watershed assessment, restoration design, data analysis and calculations, developing plans and specifications, project management, and construction oversight. International traveler.

Kathy Kugler

Karen Kugler  •  Executive Committee Member, Innings Chair

I'm a retired school psychologist and avid nature lover. I support the work of Sierra Club on both a national and local level. I strive to bring clean air and clean water to my world and to my local environment. To do this, I have worked to be the change I seek. I have involved myself in township politics to ensure that the need for clean air and water, and quality of life for all, is recognized and addressed in the township in which I live. I have seen that zoning regulations are the route to improving clean air, clean water and better quality of life for all.

Barry Randall  •  Executive Committee Member Outings Chair

Barry has been a member of Sierra Club since 2007, and an active Outings Leader since 2013. After retiring from a 30+ year career with GE he became the Miami Group Outings Chair, and now serves as Executive Liaison to the Communications Committee as well.\

Marie Kokochis  •  Executive Committee Member, Conservation Chair

Jeanne Nightingale  •  Executive Committee Member

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