Sally Dannemiller

Sally Dannemiller  •  Executive Committee Chair

With Miami Group, Sally has been active with the Conservation Committee, serving as vice chair, and with Past Plastic Cincinnati. She has also been involved with opposing natural gas pipeline expansion in Hamilton County. Additionally she is active with the Corryville Community Council and is a member of the Burnet Woods Park Advisory Council.

Chris Curran

Chris Curran  •  Executive Committee Vice Chair

Chris Curran has been a long-time member of the Sierra Club and active with both the Miami Group and the Ohio Chapter, serving on the Miami Group ExCom and as the Miami Group’s representative on the Chapter ExCom. She helped to initiate chapter grants to groups, which provided funding for numerous Miami Group campaigns and supported the group of numerous college interns involved in environmental advocacy.

Gail Lewin  •  Executive Committee Member, Political Chair

Gail has been a Sierra Club member since 2003, and has served several terms on the Executive Committee and as the Chair of the Miami Group Sierra Club Political Committee. That Committee has endorsed numerous candidates for local, state and federal elections. She feels it is important to let our members know which candidates support environmentally friendly policies, laws and regulations.

Larry Falkin

Larry Falkin  •  Executive Committee Member

Larry has been a Sierra Club Member for more than 25 years. He served as Director of the City of Cincinnati's Office of Environment and Sustainability from 2007-2020, and managed MSD's Green Infrastructure program from 2020-2022. He held previous positions with the City of Kansas City, Mo., and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Now retired, Larry is likely to be found engaged in outdoor activities, especially canoeing. His policy interests include climate protection, sustainability, energy, waste management, and stormwater management. In addition to Sierra Club, Larry is an active volunteer with the Mill Creek Alliance, Adventure Crew, and Green Umbrella.

Kathy Kugler

Kathy Kugler  •  Executive Committee Member, Educational Programs Chair

Kathy is a retired school psychologist and avid nature lover. She is have involved in township politics to ensure that the need for clean air and water, and quality of life for all, is recognized and addressed in the township in which she lives.

Barry Randall  •  Executive Committee Member, Outings Chair, Communications Chair

Barry has been a member of Sierra Club since 2007, and an active Outings Leader since 2013. After retiring from a 30+ year career with GE he became the Miami Group Outings Chair, and now serves as Executive Liaison to the Communications Committee as well.

Marie Kocoshis  •  Executive Committee Member, Conservation Chair, Past Plastics Cincinnati Coalition Chair

Jeanne Nightingale

Jeanne Nightingale  •  Executive Committee Member, Environmental Justice Chair

Marilyn Wall

Marilyn Wall  •  Executive Committee Member

Marilyn has been an active volunteer since the early 1980s. She has served as a chapter chair, chapter and group conservation chair, group political chair, member of the national Sierra Club Board and been involved with numerous other committees. She has worked on a number of the Sierra Club’s political campaigns, among them, efforts to improve Ohio’s brownfield (toxic waste) sites. She was also involved in a petition to USEPA to revoke Ohio’s authority to implement environmental laws due to past failure to enforce these laws. This effort led to numerous agency reforms. Marilyn's major projects are stopping pollution (again) at Cleveland-Cliffs steel mill in Middletown, pushing for Green Steel and stopping sewer overflows in Hamilton County. After years of no progress in stopping overflows, Marilyn worked to bring a citizen suit against the sewer district. Cincinnati and Hamilton County both now have a consent decree which is the first in the nation to recognize sewage reaching people’s basements as violations of the Clean Water Act.

Randy Johnson

Randy Johnson  •  Treasurer, Membership Chair

Randy first joined the Sierra Club in California back in 1969. He has been active in the Miami group since 1990 and met his wife, Jan, on a group hike. He is currently Treasurer for the group and has been active in organizing membership events. Randy is a professor emeritus from the Physics Department at the University of Cincinnati. His hobbies include outdoor hiking, wildflower photography, visiting pre-Columbian and ancient archaeology sites, and travel.

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