Backpacking food: It doesn’t have to be boring!

For the month of October our Virtual Outing Series is pleased to welcome Holly Gage to the stage. Holly will be presenting a two-part series on how to dehydrate your own food for backpacking – or any reason! Holly has been dehydrating her own food for over 10 years, and is excited to share her knowledge on how to create delicious and nutritious meals for the backcountry.

Session 1 on October 7 will focus on dehydrating vs freeze drying, dehydrators, the dehydration process, what to dehydrate, food preparation and dehydration time and temperatures. See a PDF of the presentation here, and recipes here.

Session 2 on October 21 will cover storage method pros and cons, packing for a trip, and rehydrating on the trail. Both sessions will include tried and true recipes. See a PDF of the presentation here.

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