Barbara Sue Bernstein Swift


April 13, 2019

Barbara Sue Bernstein Swift, 71, a member of the Miami Group Sierra Club, died peacefully at her home in Wyoming, Ohio, surrounded by her loving family. She attended Douglass College (Rutgers University) where she earned a BS in microbiology and met Leslie Swift – who fell desperately in love with her, and ultimately convinced her to marry him. They were married on June 5, 1969.

She was continuously dedicated to learning and expanding her own knowledge. Not satisfied with the MS she earned in bacteriology directly after college, several years later, as a young mother, she undertook a weekly commute from Maine to Boston to earn her master of science in library science from Simmons College. In her 50s, she returned to school again, this time completing her MBA from Xavier University in Cincinnati. She enjoyed a challenging career as an information scientist, making use of her considerable knowledge and skills in science, research, and business, ultimately retiring from Proctor and Gamble in 2016.

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