Education Forum June 4: Hazardous chemicals in our drinking water


Hazardous chemicals known collectively as “forever chemicals” or PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) were created in the mid-20th century by chemical companies and were used in multiple industries. They are now in our drinking water and have been causing negative health outcomes for consumers for decades.

We will be sharing information on the following topics:

  • History of PFAS.
  • New USEPA regulations for PFAS.
  • Negative health outcomes resulting from PFAS.
  • History of PFAS in Loveland’s drinking water.
  • How to protect your family.

The forum will be held Tuesday, June 4, from 6–7:30 PM, at 
Loveland Public Library – 649 Loveland Madera Road, Ohio 45140

You can join us in person or virtually. If you would like to join virtually, please register online

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