Green transportation gets two big boosts

Bike riders in the country

It’s been a busy month of advances for cyclists around Greater Cincinnati.

Cincinnati Red Bike is back in action, thanks in large part to the efforts of Cincinnati City Council member Mark Jeffreys. Red Bike’s bike sharing program was suspended in January of this year when its major sponsor dropped out. Jeffreys was instrumental in lining up private and public funding to restore operations May 13.

In good news for cyclists, runners and walkers alike, there will also be new routes to explore in the years ahead with final acquisition of the land needed to build the 4.7 mile Oasis Trail connecting the Lunken Airport trail with Downtown Cincinnati. This is a key segment of the planned CROWN, Cincinnati’s first-ever urban trail loop . When completed, the CROWN would be a 34-mile, multi-use paved trail that connects our city’s iconic landmarks and hidden gems. Once complete, The CROWN will connect more than 356,000 people in 54 communities to major destinations like parks, schools, and centers for employment, retail, recreation, and entertainment. This walkable, bikeable loop will provide a safe and accessible option for all to gather and be active outdoors.

Other projects in development include connecting the seven-mile Wasson Way Trail with Otto Armleder Park and the Little Miami Scenic Trail as well as plans to extend the The Mill Creek Greenway Trail 14 miles through the city’s northern neighborhoods. Statewide, the long-term plans would allow someone to follow the trails from Cincinnati all the way to Lake Erie.

Oasis Trail map

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