Inning: symposium on home solar power, April 4

Beginning with the Innings meeting on April 4, the Miami Chapter of the Sierra Club will host a series of no-risk, no-pressure online informational sessions to familiarize homeowners and small businesses with the purchase and installation of solar arrays in southwest Ohio. Participants can sit back, relax and learn how to make the switch to solar.

This is part of the broader effort by the Sierra Club to support the responsible transition from burning fossil fuels to using renewable power to abate the effects of climate change. Though an up-front investment is required, the installation of a solar array may provide an attractive rate of return, especially considering substantial federal, state, and local incentives available. Many people today are motivated to reduce their carbon footprint and become more energy independent.

At the April 4 session, three trusted, local, union electricians and solar installers, Paff Electric, Pro Lighting and Solar, and Riverside Electric provided the presentation and answered questions from participants. The Solar Symposium is modeled after the “Solar Now!” series developed in Silverton.

The Sierra Club has no business relationship with the providers, nor does the Sierra Club receive any financial benefit from the Solar Symposium. The goal is to make it as easy as possible for people to install solar if they want.

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