Why Walk When You Can Ride? – January 7

So you’ve collected all of this great backpacking gear and have a few trips under your belt. You may be asking “What else could I use all this gear for?”. One of the answers… Bike packing! Also known as bike touring or adventure cycling, these multi-day adventures are another great way to get outside and enjoy wilderness, rural or urban environments. Whether it’s biking “Rails to Trails” or the open road, we’ve got you covered. 

This event is part of our Virtual Outings series! Join us on Thursday, January 7, 2021  at 7:30 pm.

Presented by Barry Randall.

Check out the final presentation here!

In this session we’ll be discussing self-supported bike touring, how you can reuse much of that backpacking gear you already own, as well as what additional gear you’ll need. Join us as we take a break from backpacking to explore another great outdoor recreation opportunity.

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