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Email from her son, Steve Schuch:

Dear Friends,

I’ve been back in Cincinnati the past three weeks and recall well the love and stories shared last fall at the Life Celebration for my Dad, Paul Schuch.

Many of you knew my Mom as well. She died in her sleep here at home yesterday morning, with full hospice care, and her faithful hound Abby-Chaco and me by her side. My wife Marilyn was able make it from New Hampshire to share Christmas here as well. Over the past three weeks we had a good visits from friends, laughter, singing (and Mom’s Doc Martin DVD’s), right up till near the end. See attached lyrics and photo.

Mom’s ashes (and those of her favorite dog Topper) will eventually go next to Dad’s and Kathy’s at Walnut Hills Cemetery. We may have a very simple gathering later this winter or spring, to share a few stories, maybe sing a few of her favorite songs. Maybe here at the house… details to be determined.

In lieu of flowers, we might suggest taking time to reflect. Maybe a gift of time, or financial gift to those in need (possibly a dog). And speaking of dogs: If you know anyone who might like to adopt Abby-Chaco, my parents’ dog, it would be great to try to find her a good home in the next few days while I’m still in town. Separate email to follow.

Thank you for your friendship towards Mom and Dad across the years. Please feel free to pass this email on to others who knew Mom and Dad too.

Blessings and Best Wishes,
Steve Schuch
Night Heron Music
(603) 464-4321

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