July 5 Forum: Ways to help clean up the Ohio, one of the dirtiest rivers in US

Jim Schenk, from Citizens for Rights of the Ohio River Watershed, spoke to Miami Group on July 5 on ways to help clean up the Ohio, one of the dirtiest rivers in US.

Schenk tells the story of this movement, its purpose and our part in it.  This organization is focusing their energy on protecting the rights of the Ohio River.  You read that right — not our rights, but the rights of the river. Three countries in our world, have recognized the rights of nature and won court cases to protect natural resources.  Citizens for the Right of the Ohio River Watershed want to develop a Bill of Rights for the Ohio River Watershed and get it endorsed by communities all along the Ohio and its Watershed.

Schenk cofounded and directed Imago, an ecological education organization for 28 years.  He helped to develop the Western Wildlife Corridor and Price Hill Will.  He lies in and cofounded Enright Ridge Urban Ecovillage, now Hilltop Eco Community.  He helped to start CROW, (Citizens for Rights of the Ohio River Watershed.)

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