March Inning: Birding at the Conrey Bird and Butterfly Sanctuary, March 7

On March 7, Jim Crumpler discussed his passion for birding in an informative and colorful presentation. He also talked about the Conrey Road Bird and Butterfly Sanctuary, a 133-acre wildlife habitat in Sharonville, as a birding location and provide a short history of the property. The sanctuary is accessible from the Francis RecreAcres park.  His presentation included photos of a variety of birds from the site and provided a timeline of sightings and some basic identification methods.

Mr. Crumpler is a retired social studies teacher. He has been interested in nature from as far back as he can remember, and birds have been a longtime interest. He started paying closer attention to the birds in his backyard 15 years ago and got serious in 2015 after a trip to the Florida Keys. Birding has become a major hobby in the last seven years. He and his wife enjoy nature together. They have visited 46 National Parks and often bird together. One of his favorite nature activities is wilderness canoeing in the Boundary Water Canoe Wilderness Area in Minnesota.


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