Memorial Grove

The Miami Group Sierra Club Memorial Grove was established in 2012. It was formed to honor and remember local members or members’ immediate family who have passed. The Memorial Grove is located on approximately an acre of land in French Park, which was made available to the Club by Cincinnati Parks.

The first Memorial Grove planting was completed during the fall of 2012 in which six trees, native to this area, were planted. The grove has grown to contain 25 trees.

If you would like to make a gift of a tree or shrub for a member or immediate family member of the Miami Group Sierra Club (MGSC) please see the brochure to the right for more information.

To make an online payment please follow the PayPal information below.

Read our brochure for more details on the Memorial Grove.

Online Donation

If you donate by PayPal, the Donate button above will open a box for special instruction just before you donate.  Please include in this box:

  1. Who the donation is for.
  2. Whether or not that person was a Miami Group Sierra Club member.
  3. What type of donation you are making
    1. A tree donation needs to be at least $600.
    2. A shrub donation needs to be at least $200.
    3. A partial plant donation can be made in any amount.
  4. If the donation is for a tree or scrub, please indicate the type you would prefer (the list of trees/shrubs available can be found in the brochure to right), and
  5. Whether or not you would like to be contacted about the time of the planting.

Final determination of the type and timing of the planting, will be determined by the Miami Group Excom.

Map of Memorial Grove at French Park.
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