Toxic Trespass: Radioactive waste on our roads, water and soil — January 4

On Tuesday, January 4, Cheryl Johncox of Sierra Club’s National Beyond Dirty Fuels Team, discussed the fracking industry’s use of radioactive waste. The liquid waste that the fracking industry produces has been commodified as a de-icer. It has been proven by ODNR to contain radioactive concentrations that exceed federal and state standards that can get into soil or become airborne as radioactive dust and contaminate drinking water and agricultural products. This toxic radioactive waste is also disposed of in class II injection wells where it is injected into a well underground and kept under pressure. The pressure of the injection well forces the waste into the cracks of the ground that can contaminate groundwater. Learn more about what is happening in Ohio, both in the legislature (or not!) and at the grass roots level to challenge these practices. Please register below.

Cheryl JohncoxCheryl Johncox is a proud Ohio resident. She received her bachelor’s degree in natural resources management and policy from The Ohio State University. She has spent more than 10 years working to protect Ohioans and our land, air, and water from polluters. In her current role as part of Sierra Club’s National Beyond Dirty Fuels team, Cheryl works to move Ohio beyond fossil fuels. Originally from the Cuyahoga County area, Cheryl, and her family live in rural Union County. Cheryl was a candidate for Ohio’s 86th House District in 2012. In 2005, Cheryl was the recipient of the National Conservation Achievement Award, from the National Wildlife Federation for her work on International Sustainable Development.

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