Pura Vida! A virtual tour of the ‘most bio-intense place on the planet’

Now and then we like to venture a little further away from home to satisfy our desire to experience the wilderness of other regions. Join us for a taste of the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica, dubbed by National Geographic as “the most bio-intense place on the planet.” The Osa Peninsula is home to Corcovado Nacional Parque, a highly protected, off-the-grid, lush environment. With more than 375 species of birds, five species of monkeys, six species of wild cats including the jaguar, the endangered Baird’s Tapir, and six of the seven endangered species of sea turtles, this tiny spot on the narrow isthmus connecting North and South America is saturated with wildlife. 

This event is part of our Virtual Outings series!

Presented by Nancy Ball and Denise Tingle.

View PDFs of the presentation: the Osa Peninsula and Golfo Dulce.

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