Up a creek … with a paddle! – an Education Forum

An Introduction to Canoe/Kayak Camping

Looking for yet another way to leverage your camping skills and equipment to enjoy the great outdoors? Overnight paddling trips are an amazing way to see unique natural environments from a totally new perspective. Whether your paddling beneath the bluffs of the Buffalo River, or gliding through pristine lakes in Boundary Waters, these trips are a must for your outdoor adventure bucket list.

While we can’t teach you all the water craft skills you’ll need in one hour, we’ll give you a taste of these incredible trips and hopefully the inspiration you need to take the next steps. Join us as we take a break from Backpacking to explore another great outdoor recreation activity.

This event is part of our Virtual Outings series!

Presented by Barry Randall, Amelia Mengon and Jay Freeman.

See a PDF of the presentation here.

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