Legislative Action Committee implements five-point strategy on electrification policy

The Legislative Action Committee of the Miami Group has implemented a strategic plan to empower our global community to collaborate on mitigating climate change, achieving net-zero emissions, and supporting the energy transitions that are needed to advance sustainability. Sustainability is the oversight for managing our present resource needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Sustainability is a megatrend that can be best understood as a holistic system of ever-changing interrelationships in our environment. The expectation for this strategic plan is that human ingenuity can resolve the real time adverse impacts that we are now experiencing in our environment.

This strategic plan focuses on the most impactful actions to take. All organizations have constraints on what resources they can utilize to promote meaningful change. Therefore, the Sierra Club’s Miami Group Legislative Action Committee (LAC) will be adopting an innovative approach to lobbying. The new strategic model will rely on a focused and impactful deep strategy. We are adopting this model to concentrate our limited resources on urgent issues where LAC influence can achieve the best possible outcomes. The LAC team has determined the best current opportunities for success can be realized by focusing on the major policy vector of electrification. This new model is aligned with the Inflation Reduction Act.

The Sierra Club Miami Group LAC members will concentrate our efforts on these specific areas:

  1. Promoting investment in solar, plug-in hybrids, and electric vehicles.
  2. Support Community Aggregation Programs.
  3. Advocate for passage of legislation supporting community solar development.
  4. Lobby for passage of electrification legislation.
  5. Partner with governments and other nonprofits on electrification programs.

The full plan can be read here. If you have questions or would like to participate in Legislative Action Committee activities, please contact [email protected].

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