Oh, Sh*t!! Part One: Hiker Safety, Backpacker Hygiene.

Nancy Ball – Outings Leader, Summit Trek & Travel

What are you biggest worries about hiking, sleeping and doing other things in the backcountry? What SHOULD you be worried about? And just how DO you do what bears do in the woods?? A serious, but light-hearted look at a hodge-podge of common questions.

This event is part of our Virtual Outings seriesJoin us on August 13th, 2020 at 7:30 PM.

Handouts for the training: Hiker Safety and Hygiene Final Presentation

The speaker for this event will be: 

Nancy Ball who has been backpacking and leading trips to destinations around the world since 2005. She recently launched Summit Trek & Travel, planning and leading adventure trips close to home and across the globe.

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